Activities & Advocacy

USJBC Meetings / Activities

  • Annual U.S. – Japan Business Conference: Forum for senior U.S. and Japanese operating executives to address priority business and trade issues, engage with U.S./Japanese government officials, and network.  Joint Statement provides detailed recommendations to both governments in priority areas.  2017 Conference: November 2-3, 2017, Washington, DC.
  • Joint Staff Meetings and Working Groups:  Working level meetings allow policy and other technical people in USJBC/JUBC companies to discuss issues and focus on objectives, progress, and key developments that affect businesses.  2017 meetings:
    • May 2017 (dates TBD), Washington, DC.  Meetings/conference calls are organized as needed to address issues in industries such as health care, financial services, energy and travel and tourism.
    • Fall 2017, Tokyo, Japan
  • Targeted Advocacy and Outreach:
    • Washington and Tokyo “Door Knocks” for USJBC Board members to convey USJBC priorities and concerns to government officials.
    • Principal and Working Level meetings with U.S./Japanese government officials.
    • Annual Policy statement to communicate USJBC views to both governments.
    • White Papers and targeted letters on specific concerns of member companies.